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Manufacturing: Metal Fabrication

Manufacturing: Metal Fabrication - This sector includes companies that fabricate metal products for a diverse range of industries, such as sheet metal components, pipes and tubes, and structural steel.

ATI Allegheny Technologies Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty materials and components for various industries, including aerospace, defense, and oil and gas, among others. The company's products include titanium and nickel-based alloys, stainless steel, and superalloys, among others. Allegheny Technologies Inc. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

AZZ AZZ Inc. is a provider of galvanizing and metal coating services, as well as welding and fabrication services, for several industries, including electrical power generation, oil and gas, and infrastructure, among others. The company also designs and manufactures electrical enclosures and lighting fixtures. AZZ Inc. was founded in 1956 and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.

CRS Carpenter Technology Corp. is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty metals and alloys, serving customers in a range of industries, including aerospace, defense, and medical devices.

GTLS Chart Industries Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of various cryogenic and other gas processing equipment, including storage tanks and other related products, for various industries and customers worldwide.

CHNR China Natural Resources Inc. is a mining company engaged in the exploration and development of mineral properties in China.

BOOM Dynamic Materials Corp. is a manufacturer of explosion-welded clad metal plates and other metal products for use in the energy, industrial processing, and aerospace industries.

GHM Graham Corp. is a manufacturer and supplier of vacuum and heat transfer equipment, including steam and condensate systems, for various industries, including chemical and petrochemical.

MATW Matthews International Corp. is a provider of brand solutions, memorialization products, and industrial technologies, committed to delivering innovative solutions and creating value for its customers and shareholders.

MLI Mueller Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of copper, brass, aluminum, and plastic products used in various industries, including HVAC, refrigeration, and plumbing.

PKOH Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. is a diversified manufacturing and logistics company that provides a variety of products and services to customers in a range of industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, and industrial markets. The company's services include supply chain management, engineering, and manufacturing services.

RS Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co is a metals service center company that distributes and processes metals and industrial products.

VMI Valmont Industries Inc. is a producer of infrastructure and irrigation equipment, serving customers in the agriculture, transportation, and energy sectors.



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