Advanced Hash Calculator

Advanced Hash Calculator is a software designed to calculate hash values of files, making it easier for users to compare two or more files or verify the integrity of downloaded files. Hash values are unique alphanumeric strings generated by running a mathematical algorithm on a file, and they represent a digital fingerprint of the file's contents. Comparing hash values of files is a faster and more reliable method of verifying the integrity of the files compared to comparing the files' contents bit by bit. This is because even the slightest change in the file's contents will result in a completely different hash value, making it easy to detect any tampering or corruption in the file.

Advanced Hash Calculator supports a wide range of hash algorithms, including MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, and CRC32. Users can select the desired algorithm and input the file to calculate its hash value. The software can also calculate hash values for multiple files simultaneously, making it a convenient tool for comparing large sets of files. In addition, Advanced Hash Calculator offers other features such as the ability to copy hash values to the clipboard or save them as a text file. It also provides a verification function, which allows users to check if the calculated hash value matches the original hash value provided by the file's publisher or source.

Advanced Hash Calculator

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Calculates file data contents hash on the fly.
Includes the most popular hashing algorithms including CRC, MD5, SHA256.
Can handle large files (up to 2 GB in size)
Easy to use interface and drag-and-drop support.
Data export function for multiple files.
Includes property page extension for quick hash lookup.

Current version 2.61
Download sites (1.7 MB)
Registered version price: USD $19.95
Operating Systems: WinXP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

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