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Stock Predictor is an advanced software tool designed for technical stock traders to analyze stock charts and test investment strategies. It enables users to display multiple technical indicators for a single security on the same chart, create and manage predefined lists of securities, and backtest their own investment strategies. With dozens of built-in technical indicators and over five hundred combined investment strategies, Stock Predictor offers a comprehensive platform for traders to make informed decisions and optimize their investment performance
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What is a trading strategy one may ask. We define it as a set of objective rules defining entry (buy) and exit (sell) points. In other words these are some patterns appearing in the behavior of the stock price, volume or which is more commonly in the behavior of the technical indicators.

The major power of these stock trading rules is that they are not subjective like intuition or emotion. Some of the rules were developed decades ago and are successfully used by traders up to the current dates. Stock Predictor is a tool that allows you to test these trading strategies when applied to historical data, adjust, fine tune them for a particular group of stocks and automate the rules so that your buying and selling decisions are based on an objective trading methodology. Stock Predictor allows backtesting dozens of well-known strategies and their combinations.

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* Software User Interface

* Interpret trading strategy results

* Create a symbol list

* Manual strategy performance analysis

* Download historical data

* Automated strategy performance analysis

* Set technical indicators

* About combined Strategies

* Run trading strategies

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