Parental control internet filtering software that selectively blocks or allows user access to websites in Internet Explorer. AllowBlock maintains two lists of rules: "Allowed" list and "Blocked" list. If a computer user is trying to visit a website that is on the blocked list then the browser is forwarded to the blocked informational page or to a blank page. If a site from an "Allowed" list is visited then it is seamlessly displayed in the browser. A as a separate feature AllowBlock allows to browse a selected subset of websites and block everything else. An option to block any file downloads is included. AllowBlock is a parental control software combining features of WebAllow and Website Block software product in a single package.

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Password protected software access mode and password protection uninstall  features are included!

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Password protect website access Block websites per keyword or domain name.
Block adult content Allow a limited subset of web addresses to be viewed.
Password protect gambling "Switch Off Internet" completely turns off browser Internet access.
Blocked websites Block file downloads including movies, music, MP3, programs.
Blocking website Includes password protected uninstall and software access modes.
Blocking myspace and blocking facebook Blocks access to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Current version: 2.17
Download sites (1.33 Mb):

Single license cost: USD 49.95 / USD 39.95
Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Ordering process: 
After a completed online secure order an unlocking key file will sent via email within two business days. 

Site License: if you need more than 200 licenses you may consider buying a site license. The cost of the Site License is $3,000 USD. Site License allows you to install an unlimited number of AllowBlock copies on the computers located at the premises of your organization. We accept PO, provide custom build version and password protected download location for site license orders. You may also purchase Site License online directly.

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