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Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. operates as a diversified provider of supply chain management outsourcing services, capital equipment, and manufactured components across a global footprint that includes the United States, Europe, Asia, Mexico, Canada, and beyond. The company divides its operations into three key segments: Supply Technologies, Assembly Components, and Engineered Products. Within the Supply Technologies segment, Park-Ohio offers comprehensive Total Supply Management solutions, encompassing engineering and design support, part usage analysis, supplier selection, quality assurance, and electronic billing. This segment also provides just-in-time and point-of-use delivery services, along with spare parts and aftermarket products, serving various industries with precision-engineered components such as valves, fuel hose assemblies, and steering components.

The Assembly Components segment specializes in manufacturing aluminum products, direct fuel injection fuel rails, and flexible multi-layer plastic and rubber assemblies crucial for automotive applications. It also provides turbocharging and coolant hoses, alongside machining services and value-added solutions including design engineering and part assembly. The segment caters to diverse industries with its range of fluid handling systems and engineered products.

In the Engineered Products segment, Park-Ohio designs and manufactures specialized equipment such as induction heating and melting systems, pipe threading systems, and forged products used in industries spanning ferrous and non-ferrous metals, automotive, and construction equipment. Additionally, the segment offers mechanical forging presses, spare parts, field services, and aerospace and defense structural components, including rail products like railcar center plates and draft lugs.

Founded in 1907 and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. leverages over a century of industry experience to deliver integrated solutions that enhance operational efficiency and productivity for its global clientele. The company's commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions reinforces its position as a trusted partner across diverse industrial sectors, supporting global supply chain requirements with advanced manufacturing capabilities and comprehensive service offerings.

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Stock Sector: Manufacturing: Metal Fabrication


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