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All registered users can contact us at to submit technical support questions. 

NOTICE to the customers: 06/25/2018

The following products

Ashkon Stock Watch

are no longer available from our site.

Stock Ticker Application Bar users software version 2.35 and earlier may experience software crash. Please update your version to the latest v 2.37 released 2/2/2018.

Translation Pad users - please update your version to the latest release v2.13 You may download new software version here

Stock Predictor users - you may download the update to version 1.1.355 here: here
When installing the update please make sure Stock Predictor is not currently running. Select the correct installation directory for update 
( the default is C:/Program Files/Ashkon Technology/Predictor/ )

Top FAQ:

* I can not apply registration key. The registration key is grayed out in my email program. What should I do to apply the key? Resolution

* How do I apply the license key on Windows 10?
Guide for Windows 10 users




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