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Parental and access control software tools filter web content that is to be displayed by the browser. Based on a set of rules these tools either allow or deny access to the requested webpage. Ashkon Software LLC has four parental control software products that all are designed for Windows and Internet Explorer. These programs can block, allow, or password protect web access in the browser.
AllowBlock Software AllowBlock maintains two list of websites: blocked and allowed. If internet user is trying to visit a page that is listed on a blocked list he will see an informational message that the page was  blocked or will be forwarded on a blank page. Optionally AllowBlock can only allow viewing a selected subset of sites on the web, while blocking all other pages. AllowBlock has a feature to block file downloads. has a build in password protection for accessing software settings and a set of security features preventing a regular computer user to bypass website blocking by disabling the software.
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WebAllow Software WebAllow's main feature is to block all sites and allow visiting just a few. Effectively this turns your browser in the informational kiosk type software. The software is designed to make sure that the computer at a public place is used for a specified purpose and not just for internet browsing. Examples of case use include public informational kiosks, retail stores, libraries, schools, call centers. WebAllow can greatly increase productivity for your employees by limiting their internet access only to work related sites and enforce your company policies for business computer use only.
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Website Block Software Website Block blocks entire websites from view based on domain name, part of a website based on URL or URL for a single page based on "stop" words keyword matches in a page URL. Website Block can block Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and any other social networking site, Youtube or any other entertainment site and thus increase productivity of your employees at a work place. Website Block parental control feature can filter adult sites based on corresponding words set as a keywords filter and protect you kids from viewing undesired web contents.
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IEProtect Software IEProtect's main feature is to password protect certain websites or URLs. It works just like Website Block however prior to blocking a site, it will ask for a password. If a correct password is entered, then the website that is about to be visited will be displayed, if a wrong password was entered it will be blocked. This software is designed for home use when several users share a single computer or computer account. IEProtect also includes password protected software settings access and password protected uninstall so that only administrator or user that installed the software can manage IEProtect settings.
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