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Utilities: Foreign Utilities

Utilities: Foreign Utilities - This sector includes companies that provide electric, gas, or water services to customers outside of the United States.

KEP Korea Electric Power Corp. is a leading electric utility company in South Korea, providing reliable and affordable electricity to its customers, committed to sustainability and social responsibility.

SBS Companhia de Saneamento Basico (SABESP) is a Brazilian water and waste management company, providing water and sewage services to millions of customers across the state of Sao Paulo.

NGG National Grid plc is a multinational electricity and gas utility company that operates various transmission and distribution systems in various markets, including the United Kingdom and the northeastern United States.

CWCO Consolidated Water Company Ltd is a water production and distribution company that provides freshwater, seawater, and wastewater treatment services, serving customers in several countries in the Caribbean and Latin America.

TRP TransCanada Corp. is a Canadian energy infrastructure company engaged in the development and operation of pipelines, storage facilities, and power generation assets across North America.

CIG Companhia Energetica Minas Gerais ADR, also known as Cemig, is a Brazilian electric utility company that generates, transmits, and distributes electricity in the state of Minas Gerais and other regions of Brazil. 1 and is hea dquartered in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.

TGS Transportadora de Gas S.A is a natural gas transportation company providing transportation and distribution services for natural gas in Brazil.



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