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Manufacturing: Pollution and Treatment Controls

Manufacturing: Pollution and Treatment Controls - This sector includes companies that design, develop, and manufacture equipment and systems for controlling pollution and treating waste, such as air filters, water treatment systems, and incinerators.

FTEK Fuel Tech Inc. is a technology company that provides advanced engineering solutions for air pollution control, including fuel treatment and combustion optimization systems, for various industries, including power generation and industrial processes.

ERII Energy Recovery Inc. develops and manufactures energy-efficient technologies for industrial fluid flow processes such as desalination, oil and gas processing, and chemical production.

DCI Donaldson Company Inc. is a manufacturer of filtration systems and replacement parts for industrial, aerospace, and automotive applications, serving customers worldwide. pies in deve lopment.

ADES ADA-ES Inc. is a clean coal technology company that develops and commercializes products for controlling mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. The company's products include activated carbon injection systems and mercury measurement instruments. ADA-ES Inc. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.



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