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Computer Software: Technical & System Software

Computer Software: Technical & System Software - This sector includes companies that develop and sell technical and system software, such as operating systems, database management systems, and programming tools, as well as related hardware and services.

PDFS PDF Solutions Inc. is a software company that provides solutions for designing and optimizing integrated circuits (ICs) for the semiconductor industry. The company's products and services help semiconductor companies improve the performance, yield, and reliability of their products.

VMW VMware Inc. is a provider of cloud computing and virtualization software and services, serving customers globally.

INFY Infosys Ltd is a global leader in digital services and consulting, providing end-to-end solutions to clients in various industries and driving digital transformation and innovation across the enterprise.

NATI National Instruments Corporation develops and manufactures various software and hardware products used in various industries, including engineering, science, and research.

SCSC ScanSource Inc. is a technology solutions provider, distributing and selling a range of products and services, including point-of-sale systems, barcode scanners, and other IT equipment.

ANSS Ansys Inc. is a software company that develops simulation and design software for various industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, and healthcare, among others. The company's products include Ansys Workbench and Ansys Fluent, among others. Ansys Inc. was founded in 1970 and is headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

TYL Tyler Technologies Inc. is a software company providing a range of integrated software solutions for various industries, including local government, public safety, and utilities, serving customers primarily in the United States.

ADSK Autodesk Inc. is a multinational software company that develops and markets a range of products for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals, as well as for media and entertainment industries. The company's products include AutoCAD, Revit, and Maya, among others. Autodesk Inc. was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in San Rafael, California.

ACIW ACI Worldwide Inc. is a provider of electronic payment and banking systems to financial institutions, retailers, and billers worldwide. The company's products include online banking, mobile banking, fraud detection, and bill payment solutions, among others. ACI Worldwide Inc. was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Naples, Florida.

ICAD iCAD Inc. is a medical technology company providing innovative cancer detection and therapy solutions, leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced imaging technologies to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.



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