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REGI - Renewable Energy Group, Inc.

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. logo Renewable Energy Group Inc. (REGI) is an American renewable energy company that specializes in the production of biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel. The company's headquarters is located in Ames, Iowa.

REGI operates 13 biorefineries located in the United States and Europe, which have a combined annual production capacity of over 575 million gallons of biodiesel and renewable diesel fuel. The company produces fuel from a variety of feedstocks, including soybean oil, corn oil, used cooking oil, and inedible animal fats.

In addition to producing renewable fuel, REGI also offers a range of services related to the production and distribution of renewable fuels, including marketing and distribution services, engineering and consulting services, and feedstock procurement services.

The company has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and has received numerous awards and certifications for its environmental performance. REGI is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and is a component of the Russell 2000 index.




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