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SURE - Advisorshares Doubleline Value Equity ETF

Advisorshares Doubleline Value Equity ETF logo The AdvisorShares DoubleLine Value Equity ETF (SURE) is an actively managed exchange-traded fund that aims to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in US equity securities. The fund is managed by DoubleLine Capital LP, an investment management firm based in Los Angeles.

The investment strategy of SURE is focused on identifying companies that the fund's managers believe are undervalued relative to their long-term earnings potential. The managers utilize a bottom-up approach to stock selection, with a focus on individual company fundamentals, rather than macroeconomic factors.

The fund invests primarily in large-cap US equities, but may also invest in mid- and small-cap companies. SURE may also invest in foreign equities, fixed income securities, and other ETFs.

As of September 2021, the top holdings of SURE include Microsoft Corporation, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Alphabet Inc Class A, and Johnson & Johnson.

Investors should note that as an actively managed ETF, SURE may have higher management fees than passively managed ETFs. Additionally, the fund's performance will depend heavily on the investment decisions of the fund managers.




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