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Wholesale: Food Wholesale

Wholesale: Food Wholesale - This sector includes companies that distribute food and beverage products, such as packaged goods, fresh produce, and frozen items, to retailers, restaurants, and other customers.

DIT AMCON Distributing Co. is a distributor of consumer products, including tobacco, beverages, and health and beauty aids, to convenience stores, grocery stores, and other retailers in the United States.

SPTN Spartan Stores Inc. is a food distribution and retail company, owning and operating grocery stores and pharmacies across the United States.

SYY Sysco Corp. is a global foodservice distribution company, providing products and services to restaurants, healthcare, educational, and hospitality facilities worldwide.

UNFI United Natural Foods, Inc. - A food distribution company that distributes various natural, organic, and specialty foods and products to various customers and clients in North America.



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