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TROV - TrovaGene, Inc.

TrovaGene, Inc. logo TrovaGene, Inc. (TROV) was a clinical-stage biotechnology company that focused on the development and commercialization of precision cancer therapies. The company's research and development efforts were focused on identifying and targeting key genomic pathways involved in cancer progression and treatment resistance.

The company's lead drug candidate, Onvansertib, was designed to target the PLK1 protein, which is involved in cell division and proliferation, and is often overexpressed in cancer cells. Onvansertib was being evaluated in clinical trials for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).

In 2021, the company changed its name to Avidity Biosciences, Inc. and shifted its focus to the development of antibody-based therapies using its proprietary AOCâ„¢ technology platform.

As of today, March 4, 2023, the current financial performance of TROV is not available. However, investors should note that investing in clinical-stage biotechnology companies such as TROV carries market risks, as the financial performance of the company is linked to a variety of factors, including the success of its clinical trials, regulatory approvals, competition, and changes in healthcare policies and regulations. Additionally, the biotechnology industry is subject to significant research and development costs, and the success of a company's products is often uncertain until clinical trials are completed.

Investors should carefully consider these risks before investing in TROV, now Avidity Biosciences, and consult with a financial advisor to determine if it is an appropriate investment for their portfolio. They should also review the company's financial statements and other public disclosures to gain a better understanding of its financial performance and risks.




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