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SYMX - Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc.

Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. logo Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. (SYMX) is an energy and environmental technology company that specializes in the production and use of synthesis gas, or syngas. The company develops and licenses advanced gasification technology for the conversion of coal, biomass, municipal solid waste, and other feedstocks into syngas, which can then be used to produce electricity, fuels, chemicals, and fertilizers.

SYMX's gasification technology, known as U-GAS, is designed to produce syngas with low tar and particulate emissions, high thermal efficiency, and the ability to utilize low-grade and waste feedstocks. The company also offers engineering and design services for the construction of gasification plants, as well as training and technical support.

In addition to its U-GAS technology, SYMX is also developing a pipeline of renewable energy and clean technology projects, including the production of renewable natural gas, hydrogen, and biofuels.

SYMX's customers include utilities, industrial companies, and project developers in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. The company has strategic partnerships with companies such as SES Gasification Technology (China), SHI (Japan), and Yima Coal Industry Group (China) to market and license its U-GAS technology.

Overall, SYMX is focused on delivering environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions to address the world's energy and environmental challenges, while also generating value for its customers and shareholders.




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