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´╗┐Primerica, Inc., headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, operates as a leading provider of financial products aimed at serving middle-income households across the United States and Canada. Established in 1927, the company has built a robust business model centered around four distinct segments.

The Term Life Insurance segment is a cornerstone of Primerica's offerings, specializing in individual underwriting of term life insurance products designed to provide affordable coverage to policyholders. In addition, the Investment and Savings Products segment offers a comprehensive suite that includes mutual funds, various retirement plans, managed investments, and annuities both variable and fixed indexed tailored to meet long-term financial goals.

Primerica's Senior Health segment focuses on providing essential products such as segregated funds, Medicare Advantage plans, and supplementary health coverage, addressing the specific needs of elderly clientele. The Corporate and Other Distributed Products segment broadens its portfolio by offering a diverse range of services including mortgage loans, prepaid legal services for estate planning and legal defense, ID theft defense, auto and homeowners' insurance, home automation solutions, and supplemental health insurance options for small businesses.

The company's extensive distribution network comprises over 129,000 licensed sales representatives who market and distribute Primerica's products, ensuring widespread accessibility and personalized service delivery. With a rich history spanning nearly a century, Primerica continues to innovate and expand its product offerings, maintaining a steadfast commitment to empowering its clients with sound financial solutions.

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