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ROVI - Rovi Corporation

Rovi Corporation logo Rovi Corporation (ROVI) was a technology company that specialized in digital entertainment solutions. However, it's important to note that Rovi Corporation is no longer an active publicly traded company. The company underwent a merger with TiVo Corporation in 2016, and the combined entity now trades under the ticker symbol TIVO.

At the time of the merger, the market capitalization of Rovi Corporation was approximately $2.5 billion. Prior to the merger, Rovi Corporation had developed a number of products and services related to digital entertainment, including electronic program guides, metadata solutions, and content discovery technologies.

Rovi Corporation's technologies were used by a range of companies in the media and entertainment industry, including cable and satellite TV providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and online video streaming services.

Overall, while Rovi Corporation is no longer an active publicly traded company, its legacy can be seen in the continued use of its digital entertainment technologies in the products and services of its successor, TiVo Corporation.




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