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ECTE - Echo Therapeutics, Inc.

Echo Therapeutics, Inc. logo Echo Therapeutics, Inc. (ECTE) is a medical device and specialty pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes products for diabetes care. The company's main product is the Symphony tCGM System, a non-invasive, wireless, transdermal continuous glucose monitoring system that provides real-time glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes.

The Symphony tCGM System is designed to be pain-free and easy to use, making it a potentially valuable tool for managing diabetes. The device consists of a small wireless transmitter that is attached to the skin and a handheld monitor that displays the patient's glucose levels. The system also includes an optional alarm feature that can alert patients when their glucose levels fall outside of a predetermined range.

In addition to its glucose monitoring system, Echo Therapeutics is developing a suite of specialty pharmaceutical products for diabetes care. The company's pipeline includes a topical anesthetic cream for use prior to insulin injections and a topical treatment for diabetic foot ulcers.

Echo Therapeutics was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Iselin, New Jersey. The company is listed on the OTC Markets under the ticker symbol ECTE. As of 2021, Echo Therapeutics has a small team of employees and is focused on developing and commercializing its Symphony tCGM System and other diabetes care products. The company faces significant competition in the diabetes care market, particularly from established players such as Abbott Laboratories, Dexcom, and




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