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The Xtrackers International Real Estate ETF (HAUZ) is an exchange-traded fund specializing in real estate equity investments. Launched on October 1, 2013, HAUZ tracks a market-cap weighted index that encompasses global real estate stocks, with exclusions for markets in the US, Pakistan, and Vietnam. This strategic approach aims to provide investors with diversified exposure to international real estate markets, focusing on regions beyond the specified exclusions.

HAUZ's index methodology emphasizes the weighting of constituent companies based on their market capitalization, reflecting the relative size and significance of each within the global real estate sector. The ETF's portfolio composition spans various segments of the real estate market, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties across different geographic regions, offering investors potential opportunities for income generation and capital appreciation.

Xtrackers, the issuer of HAUZ, specializes in developing ETFs that cater to specific asset classes and investment themes. The ETF exemplifies Xtrackers' commitment to providing efficient access to global real estate markets while maintaining transparency and liquidity. HAUZ allows investors to diversify their portfolios internationally, benefiting from potential growth in real estate sectors outside the US, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

Investing in HAUZ enables market participants to capitalize on global real estate opportunities while leveraging Xtrackers' expertise in ETF management. The fund's focus on international real estate stocks underscores Xtrackers' dedication to delivering investment solutions that align with investor preferences for geographic diversification and exposure to distinct segments of the real estate market.


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