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DragonWave Inc. (DRWI) was a technology company that provided high-capacity wireless networking solutions for broadband connectivity and IP communications. The company was founded in 2000 and was headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

DragonWave offered a range of wireless networking solutions, including microwave radio systems, backhaul solutions, and network management software. Its solutions were used by telecommunications service providers, enterprises, and government organizations worldwide.

In 2018, DragonWave filed for bankruptcy protection and its assets were subsequently acquired by Transform-X, a provider of wireless networking solutions based in Arizona, USA. The acquisition was aimed at expanding Transform-X's product portfolio and strengthening its position in the wireless networking market.

As a result of the bankruptcy and acquisition, DragonWave Inc. is no longer a publicly traded company. However, its legacy continues through its contributions to the development of wireless networking technology, and through the many customers who have benefited from its solutions over the years. The acquisition also provided DragonWave shareholders with the opportunity to recover some of their investment and to participate in the growth of Transform-X as a leading provider of wireless networking solutions.


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