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APPY - Venaxis, Inc.

Venaxis, Inc. logo Venaxis, Inc. (APPY) was a medical diagnostic company based in Castle Rock, Colorado, in the United States. The company developed and marketed a blood-based diagnostic test for the identification of patients with acute appendicitis, a common surgical emergency.

The Venaxis appendicitis test, called APPY1, was designed to provide rapid and accurate diagnosis of acute appendicitis in emergency department settings. The test used a proprietary algorithm to analyze a patient's blood sample and provide a quantitative result that could be used in conjunction with other clinical information to make a diagnosis.

In 2017, Venaxis announced that it was discontinuing its operations and would be liquidating its assets. The decision to discontinue operations was driven by a number of factors, including the limited market acceptance of the APPY1 test, as well as financial and regulatory challenges facing the company.

It's important to note that since my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, there may have been updates or developments regarding Venaxis or the medical diagnostics industry in the United States.




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