Stock Quotes Pro and Metastock

You may easily use data downloaded with Stock Quotes Pro with MetaStock software. You will have to convert data from ASCII format into MetaStock format using a free software from Equis International, MetaStock Downloader available at

First of all make sure that you have "Add Symbol in Front" in "Settings" of Stock Quotes Pro checked. MetaStock data format requires the quotes line to start with the stock symbol. Download data with Stock Quotes Pro.
Now run Metastock Downloader and select "Tools" - > "Convert" . A conversion dialog shown below will appear.

 MetaStock Data Settings

Select data folder for Historical Quotes Downloader and specify the extension, e.g. *.txt Specify output folder for the converted files to be saved at, e.g. "C:\MetaStock Data". Click Browse button and add just downloaded historical quotes files. You may use "Shift" and arrow keys on your keyboard to select multiple files at once.

Now select "Options.." button A dialog shown below will appear. Select desired "Date Range\", put a checkmark against "Traverse folders" and specify "Daily" periodicity

  MetaStock Conversion Settings

Click "Source" tab on the "Conversion Options" dialog shown above and select "Daily" option.. Make sure that you have a backup of your data and proper options set when selecting existent MetaStock folder as an output folder. 

Click "Destination Tab" Choose whether you want to append data to existing MetaStock files or overwrite them and set the rest of the options as shown below. Click "Apply" and "Ok" in the "Convert Securities" dialog. 

MetaStock Data Fields Settings

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