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Ashkon Software L.L.C. ( formerly Ashkon Technology L.L.C. ) is a private software development company based in Bellevue, Washington, USA, founded in the year 2000. Ashkon Software develops software applications for investment and finance industry and system utilities.

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Our company has two major software product lines: financial software for stock market traders and system tools. Our system utilities include security software, parental control tools, PC and network management applications and other products.

Using our financial software you may chart stocks, plot technical indicators, download historical stock quotes, monitor stock sectors, view quotes, read news and do a lot more with our software. Our system applications range from access control tools and encryption software to automation and language translation software. Please view descriptions and download fully functional demos of our products at "Software Products" page. 

We target Windows environment and use development tools such as Microsoft Visual C++ or Visual Basic for the front-end and SQL Server, MS Access as a back-end databases of applications. Our financial software is more than user friendly: you will define the requirements for the software and we will suggest features and capabilities and implement them. We provide full lifecycle product development from the early stages of planning to testing and technical support.





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