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WLRHU - WL Ross Holding Corp.

WL Ross Holding Corp. logo WL Ross Holding Corp. (WLRHU) is a blank check company, also known as a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), that was incorporated in 2021. The company is sponsored by WL Ross Sponsor LLC, an affiliate of WL Ross & Co. LLC, a global private equity firm. The SPAC was created to raise funds through an initial public offering (IPO) for the purpose of acquiring a company or companies in the industrial or services sectors.

The WLRHU SPAC raised $500 million in its IPO in June 2021 by offering 50 million units at a price of $10 per unit. Each unit consists of one share of common stock and one-third of a warrant to purchase an additional share at an exercise price of $11.50. The warrants are exercisable for a period of five years from the date of issuance.

After the IPO, the SPAC's management team has up to 24 months to identify and acquire a suitable target company or companies. If the management team is unable to identify a suitable acquisition within that timeframe, the SPAC will be liquidated and the proceeds from the IPO will be returned to the shareholders.

WL Ross Holding Corp. is led by Wilbur Ross, a billionaire investor and former United States Secretary of Commerce under the Trump administration. Ross is well known for his expertise in the distressed debt and bankruptcy industries, and has a long history of successfully investing in companies in these sectors.

Overall, investing in a SPAC like WL Ross Holding Corp. involves a higher degree of risk and uncertainty than investing in a publicly traded company with an established track record. However, for investors who are comfortable with the risk profile, a SPAC can provide an opportunity to participate in the potential upside of a merger or acquisition that may not be available through traditional public market investments.




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