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VSAR - Versartis, Inc.

Versartis, Inc. logo Versartis, Inc. (VSAR) was a biopharmaceutical company that focused on developing long-acting therapeutic proteins for the treatment of endocrine disorders, including growth hormone deficiency (GHD).

The company's lead product candidate was somavaratan, a long-acting form of human growth hormone that was being developed as a weekly treatment for pediatric GHD. However, in late 2017, the company announced that the Phase 3 clinical trial of somavaratan did not meet its primary endpoint, and the company subsequently discontinued the program.

As of my last knowledge update, the company has not announced any new programs or initiatives, and its current financial performance is not available. However, investors should note that investing in biopharmaceutical companies like VSAR carries market risks, including the risk of clinical trial failure, regulatory approval delays, competition, and changes in healthcare policies and regulations.

Additionally, the biopharmaceutical industry is subject to significant research and development costs, and the success of a company's products is often uncertain until clinical trials are completed. Investors should carefully consider these risks before investing in VSAR and consult with a financial advisor to determine if it is an appropriate investment for their portfolio. They should also review the company's financial statements and other public disclosures to gain a better understanding of its financial performance and risks.




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