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VICE - Advisorshares Vice ETF

Advisorshares Vice ETF logoThe AdvisorShares Vice ETF is an exchange-traded fund that seeks to provide exposure to companies involved in the alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis industries, as well as companies involved in the defense industry. The fund is managed by AdvisorShares, an investment management company that specializes in actively managed ETFs.

As of September 2021, the VICE ETF had a net asset value of approximately $26 million and held over 50 individual stocks. The fund's portfolio is comprised of companies that derive a significant portion of their revenue from the production, distribution, or sale of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, or defense-related products and services.

The VICE ETF is designed to provide investors with exposure to these controversial industries, which may have the potential to provide high returns, but also carry unique risks and challenges. For example, the alcohol and tobacco industries are heavily regulated and subject to changing consumer preferences, while the cannabis industry is still in its early stages and subject to legal and regulatory uncertainty. The defense industry is also subject to political and geopolitical risks.

The expense ratio for the VICE ETF is 0.75%, which is relatively high compared to some other ETFs. This may make the VICE ETF less attractive to investors seeking low-cost exposure to the alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and defense industries.

Overall, the AdvisorShares Vice ETF may be a suitable investment for investors seeking exposure to these controversial industries, but it is important to consider the unique risks and challenges of these sectors, as well as the relatively high expense ratio of the fund. Investors should also conduct their own research and consider their investment goals and risk tolerance before investing in the fund.




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