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UNIS - Unilife Corporation

Unilife Corporation logo Unilife Corporation (UNIS) was a medical device company that designed, developed, and manufactured injectable drug delivery systems. The company was headquartered in York, Pennsylvania, and was founded in 2002. Unilife Corporation aimed to improve patient safety and convenience by creating innovative devices for the delivery of injectable therapies.

The company's products included the Unifill syringe, which was a prefilled syringe with an automatic needle retraction feature, and the Unitract syringe, which had a retractable needle that was manually retracted by the user. Unilife also developed wearable injectors, such as the Imperium and PrecisionFlow, which could be worn on the patient's body and programmed to deliver medications automatically.

However, Unilife Corporation faced financial difficulties and declared bankruptcy in 2017. The company's assets were sold to two separate entities: Unilife LLC and Avista Pharma Solutions.




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