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Ultralife Corporation, headquartered in Newark, New York, operates globally as a diversified provider of power, communication, and electronics systems through its subsidiaries. Organized into two primary segments, Battery & Energy Products and Communications Systems, the company designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains innovative solutions catering to a wide array of industries.

The Battery & Energy Products segment specializes in an extensive range of batteries, including lithium 9-volt, cylindrical, and thin lithium manganese dioxide variants, both rechargeable and non-rechargeable. It also offers lithium-ion cells, multi-kilowatt module lithium ion battery systems, and uninterruptible power supplies essential for critical applications. Furthermore, the segment provides rugged military and commercial battery charging systems and accessories, such as smart chargers and multi-bay charging systems.

The Communications Systems segment focuses on delivering advanced communication systems and accessories primarily for military applications. These include radio frequency amplifiers, power supplies, connector assemblies, amplified speakers, and integrated communication systems designed for fixed or vehicle applications. The segment's offerings aim to enhance and extend the operational capabilities of communication equipment used in vehicle-mounted, manpack, and handheld transceivers.

Ultralife Corporation markets its products under various well-known brands like Ultralife, McDowell Research, AMTI, ABLE, and ENTELLION. Its customer base spans original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), industrial and defense supply distributors, and direct sales to government and defense departments worldwide. Additionally, the company distributes its popular 9-volt batteries through national and regional retail chains and online platforms to meet broader consumer needs across diverse markets. With a foundation rooted in innovation and reliability, Ultralife continues to uphold its comitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower mission-critical operations across government, defense, and commercial sectors globally.

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Stock Sector: Manufacturing: Industrial Electrical Equipment


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