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Tidewater Inc., along with its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of offshore marine support and transportation services catering to the needs of the offshore energy industry globally. With a diverse fleet of marine service vessels, the company offers a comprehensive range of services to support offshore oil and natural gas exploration, field development, and production activities, as well as windfarm development and maintenance projects. These services include towing and anchor handling for mobile offshore drilling units, transportation of supplies and personnel, offshore construction, seismic and subsea support, and geotechnical survey support for windfarm construction.

The company's fleeet consists of deepwater vessels, platform supply vessels, anchor handling tug supply vessels, towing-supply vessels, crew boats, utility vessels, and offshore tugs, among others. These vessels are utilized for transporting supplies and equipment from shore bases to deepwater and intermediate water depth offshore drilling rigs and production platforms. Additionally, Tidewater operates vessels for crew transportation, offshore towing, and specialized services such as pipe and cable laying, construction support, and assisting in the docking of tankers.

Tidewater serves a broad client base including oil and natural gas exploration, field development, and production companies, drilling contractors, offshore construction firms, windfarm developers, diving companies, and well stimulation companies. With a fleet of 135 vessels as of December 31, 2021, Tidewater continues to be a trusted partner in the offshore energy industry. Established in 1956 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company remains committed to delivering reliable and efficient marine support services to its clients worldwide.

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