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SOHOL - Sotherly Hotels LP

Sotherly Hotels LP logo Sotherly Hotels LP (SOHOL) is a limited partnership that owns and operates hotels in the United States. The company's portfolio includes upscale and upper-upscale properties located primarily in the southern and eastern United States, with a focus on full-service hotels and resorts.

As a limited partnership, SOHOL operates differently from a traditional corporation. Limited partners hold ownership stakes in the company but typically do not participate in the day-to-day management of the business. Instead, general partners are responsible for managing the company's operations and making strategic decisions. Limited partners typically receive a share of the company's profits in the form of regular distributions, but their liability is limited to the amount of their investment.

Investing in limited partnerships like SOHOL can be attractive for investors seeking exposure to specific industries or asset classes, as well as for those seeking regular income from distributions. However, it is important to conduct thorough research and due diligence to evaluate the financial health and growth prospects of the company before investing. Additionally, limited partnerships can be complex investment vehicles, and investors should carefully review the partnership agreement and understand the tax implications of investing in a limited partnership.




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