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Recon Technology, Ltd. provides comprehensive hardware, software, and on-site services to the petroleum mining and extraction industry in the People's Republic of China. Headquartered in Beijing and incorporated in 2007, the company delivers equipment, tools, and various components essential for oilfield production and other energy sectors. Additionally, Recon develops and sells advanced industrial automation control and information solutions, enhancing operational efficiency in the energy industry.

Recon's offerings include specialized equipment for oil and gas production and transportation, such as heating furnaces and burners. The company also provides enhanced techniques like packers for fracturing, production packers, sand prevention solutions for oil and water wells, water locating and plugging techniques, fissure shaping, fracture acidizing, and electronic breakdown services to address blockages and freezing issues. These solutions are designed to improve the performance and safety of oil and gas extraction processes.

In the automation sector, Recon supplies systems and services including pumping unit controllers for monitoring and data collection, RTUs for gas well pressure data collection, wireless dynamometers and pressure gauges, electric multi-way valves for flow control at oilfield metering stations, and natural gas flow computer systems. The company also provides the Recon SCADA oilfield monitoring and data acquisition system, EPC services for pipeline and well SCADA systems, and oilfield video surveillance and control systems, facilitating digital oilfield transformation.

Further diversifying its portffolio, Recon Technology offers oilfield wastewater treatment solutions and related chemicals, oily sludge disposal solutions, and gas station operation and management solutions. By leveraging its expertise and innovative technologies, Recon Technology continues to support the petroleum industry's evolving needs, promoting efficiency and sustainability in oil and gas operations across China.

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