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Energy Fuels Inc., a prominent player in the uranium sector, specializes in the extraction, recovery, exploration, and sale of uranium through both conventional and in situ recovery methods in the United States. The company operates several key assets including the Nichols Ranch project, the Jane Dough property, and the Hank project in Wyoming. Additionally, it manages the Alta Mesa project in Texas and the White Mesa Mill in Utah, which serves as a critical hub for processing uranium ore.

The company is actively involved in a wide range of uranium and uranium/vanadium properties, which are at various stages of exploration, permitting, and development. These properties are located across several states, including Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. This diversified portfolio not only enhances its operational flexibility but also positions Energy Fuels Inc. as a significant player in the U.S. uranium mining industry.

Energy Fuels Inc. is committed to advancing its projects through a combination of traditional and innovative recovery methods. The company’s focus on both conventional mining and in situ recovery techniques enables it to adapt to different geological conditions and market demands. Its facilities, including the White Mesa Mill, are equipped to handle a variety of uranium ore types, further supporting its operational capabilities and efficiency.

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, Energy Fuels Inc. was initially known as Volcanic Metals Exploration Inc. before adopting its current name in May 2006. The company’s strategic approach to uranium extraction and its extensive portfolio of assets underscore its position as a leading entity in the energy sector, dedicated to meeting the growing demand for uranium while adhering to high standards of environmental and operational excellence.

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