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RAVI - Flexshares Ready Access Variable Income

Flexshares Ready Access Variable Income logo The FlexShares Ready Access Variable Income ETF (RAVI) is designed to cater to investors seeking exposure to short-duration, high-quality fixed income securities. Launched in October 2011 and managed by FlexShares, a subsidiary of Northern Trust Corporation, RAVI aims to balance liquidity and yield by investing primarily in investment-grade bonds and other fixed income instruments with short maturities. This strategy helps mitigate interest rate risk typically associated with longer-term bonds, making RAVI suitable for investors looking to preserve capital while generating current income.

With an expense ratio of 0.25% and managing approximately $1.5 billion in assets (as of the latest available data), RAVI offers a cost-effective approach to accessing the short-term fixed income market. The ETF's portfolio composition is diversified across various sectors and includes securities issued by governments, corporations, and other entities meeting stringent credit quality criteria. This diversified approach helps RAVI maintain stability and potentially enhance income generation for investors in a low-interest-rate environment.

Investors considering RAVI should recognize its focus on maintaining liquidity and stability through its short-duration fixed income strategy. By emphasizing high-quality securities and managing duration risk, RAVI aims to provide a reliable source of income while managing the impact of interest rate fluctuations. Overall, RAVI represents a disciplined approach to fixed income investing, suitable for those seeking conservative yet yield-focused investment opportunities within the ETF market.




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