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MZOR - Mazor Robotics Ltd.

Mazor Robotics Ltd. logo Mazor Robotics Ltd. (MZOR) is an Israeli medical device company that specializes in the development of robotic surgical guidance systems. The company's flagship product, the Renaissance Guidance System, provides surgical guidance for spine and brain surgeries, allowing for minimally invasive procedures and improved accuracy.

Mazor Robotics was founded in 2001 and went public in 2013. The company's products have been used in over 17,000 surgeries worldwide. In addition to the Renaissance system, Mazor Robotics also offers the Mazor X system, which features expanded surgical capabilities and a more intuitive interface.

Mazor Robotics has partnered with a number of major medical institutions, including Medtronic and Globus Medical, to integrate its systems into their surgical procedures. The company has also received regulatory approval in multiple countries, including the United States, Europe, and Japan.

In 2018, Mazor Robotics was acquired by Medtronic, a leading medical device company, in a deal worth approximately $1.7 billion. The acquisition has allowed Medtronic to expand its robotic surgery offerings and further cement its position in the medical devic




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