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Morningstar, Inc. operates as a prominent provider of independent investment research services across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The company delivers a comprehensive suite of offerings including web-based tools, investment data, fundamental equity and manager research, private capital markets analysis, credit and fund ratings, and indexes. Notably, Morningstar is recognized for its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) rating services, catering to financial advisors, asset managers, retirement plan providers, institutional investors, and individual investors alike.

Among its diversified portfolio, Morningstar provides Morningstar Data, an expansive investment data resource covering equity fundamentals, managed investments, ESG metrics, and market data. The company's platforms include Morningstar Direct, an investment-analysis tool, and Morningstar Managed Portfolios, offering model portfolio and asset allocation services tailored for financial advisors and institutional clients. Morningstar Advisor Workstation serves as a robust web-based platform for research, financial planning, and proposal generation, while serves as a hub for individual investors seeking insights and tools for informed decision-making.

Additionally, Morningstar offers specialized solutions such as Morningstar Enterprise Components, Morningstar Credit Ratings for structured finance products, and Morningstar Indexes utilized in creating investment products. Its PitchBook Platform, designed for investment and research professionals, provides a range of tools including a mobile application, excel plug-in, data feeds, and custom data solutions. The company also engages in providing workplace solutions including retirement accounts, fiduciary services, allocation funds, and custom models.

Established in 1984 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Morningstar, Inc. continues to innovate and expand its offerings, leveraging its deep expertise in investment research and commitment to providing valuable insights and solutions to its global clientele.

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