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The LGL Group, Inc., based in Orlando, Florida, is a prominent player in the design, manufacturing, and global marketing of frequency and spectrum control products. Established in 1917 and previously known as Lynch Corporation, the company operates through two core segments: Electronic Components and Electronic Instruments.

Within its Electronic Components segment, LGL offers an extensive array of products including clock oscillators, VCXO, TCXO OCXO, and DOCXO devices. The segment also specializes in radio frequency, microwave, and millimeter wave filters, diplexers, and solid-state power amplifiers. These technologies are integral components in telecommunications infrastructure, defense electronics, aerospace systems, satellite communication, medical devices, and industrial applications.

Additionally, LGL’s Electronic Components segment provides a diverse range of filter devices such as crystal, ceramic, LC, tubular, and cavity filters, along with digital, analog, and mechanical tunable filters. The segment also develops switched filter arrays and complete RF subsystems, catering to a broad spectrum of industries and applications worldwide.

The Electronic Instruments segment of LGL specializes in designing and manufacturing precision frequency and time reference standards, distribution amplifiers, redundancy auto switches, and NTP servers. These products play crucial roles in computer networking, satellite communications, electric utilities, broadcasting, and telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring accurate timing and synchronization across diverse technological environments. Through its innovative solutions and longstanding expertise, LGL Group continues to drive advancements in frequency and spectrum control technologies globally.

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