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LBIX - Leading Brands Inc

Leading Brands Inc logo Leading Brands, Inc. (LBIX) is a beverage company that operates through its subsidiary, LB 85 Capital, Inc. The company's brands include TrueBlue, PureBlue, HappyWater, and Ceiba. TrueBlue and PureBlue are premium fruit juice brands, while HappyWater is a natural spring water brand. Ceiba is a functional beverage brand that includes a range of products such as protein shakes, recovery drinks, and energy drinks.

In addition to producing and selling its own brands, Leading Brands also provides contract manufacturing and co-packing services to other beverage companies. The company operates a facility in Vancouver, Canada, which is capable of producing a wide variety of beverage products, including juices, teas, and energy drinks.

One of the key elements of Leading Brands' strategy is to focus on the health and wellness market. The company believes that this market presents significant growth opportunities as consumers increasingly seek out healthier beverage options. Leading Brands' products are designed to appeal to consumers who are looking for high-quality, all-natural, and organic beverages.

The company faces competition from other beverage companies, both large and small, that operate in the health and wellness market. Some of Leading Brands' larger competitors include PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, while smaller companies include Honest Tea and Steaz.

Overall, Leading Brands is a small beverage company that is focused on the health and wellness market. The company's success will depend on its ability to effectively compete against larger and more established players in the market, as well as its ability to continue to develop innovative and appealing beverage products.




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