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ORIX Corporation provides diversified financial services globally, including in Japan, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australasia, and the Middle East. The company's Corporate Financial Services and Maintenance Leasing segment offers finance and fee services, leasing and rental of automobiles, electronic measuring instruments, and ICT-related equipment. It also provides life insurance and products and services related to the environment and energy.

The Real Estate segment of ORIX Corporation is involved in the development, rental, and management of real estate properties. It operates facilities, manages residential condominiums and office buildings, and provides construction contracting, real estate brokerage, and real estate investment advisory services. Additionally, the PE Investment and Concession segment focuses on private equity investments and concession businesses.

The Enviroment and Energy segment offers renewable energy solutions, energy service company (ESCO) services, retail electric power, and sales of solar panels and battery electricity storage systems. It also provides recycling and waste management services. The Insurance segment sells life insurance products through various channels, including agents, banks, financial institutions, face-to-face interactions, and online platforms. ORIX's Banking and Credit segment offers banking and consumer finance services, while the Aircraft and Ships segment engages in aircraft leasing and management, as well as ship-related finance and investment businesses. Furthermore, the ORIX USA and ORIX Europe segments provide finance, investment, asset management, and equity and fixed income asset management services, respectively. The company's Asia and Australia segment is involved in finance and investment businesses. Originally known as Orient Leasing Co., Ltd., the company changed its name to ORIX Corporation in 1989. ORIX Corporation was incorporated in 1950 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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