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IRDMZ - Iridium Communications Inc

Iridium Communications Inc logo IRDMZ is the ticker symbol for Iridium Communications Inc.'s 6.75% Series B Cumulative Perpetual Convertible Preferred Stock. Iridium Communications Inc. is a company that provides mobile voice and data communications services through a satellite network. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

The Series B Cumulative Perpetual Convertible Preferred Stock is a type of security that combines features of both debt and equity. It pays a fixed dividend and has priority over common stock in terms of payment in case of bankruptcy. The preferred stock is also convertible into a fixed number of common shares at the option of the holder.

Investors in IRDMZ should be aware that the price of the preferred stock can be affected by a variety of factors, including changes in interest rates, the company's financial performance, and market conditions. In addition, because the preferred stock is convertible into common shares, the price of the preferred stock may also be influenced by the price of the company's common stock.

As with any investment, it is important for investors to do their own research and consider their own investment objectives, risk tolerance, and financial situation before making any investment




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