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New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc., based in Beijing, China, is a leading provider of private educational services operating under the renowned New Oriental brand. Established in 1993, the company is structured into several key segments: Educational Services and Test Preparation Courses, Online Education and Other Services, Overseas Study Consulting Services, and Others. These segments collectively cater to a broad spectrum of educational needs and preferences across the People's Republic of China.

The core offerings of New Oriental encompass comprehensive test preparation courses tailored for students preparing for language and entrance exams used by educational institutions in the United States, Commonwealth countries, and China. In addition to academic tutoring, the company offers advanced learning systems and digital platforms to enhance students' educational experiences through innovative technology.

Through its platform, New Oriental provides extensive online education services, including college test preparation, overseas study preparation, and English language proficiency courses aimed at college students and professionals. The platform also delivers educational content packages to institutional clients such as universities, public libraries, telecom operators, and online video streaming providers, fostering a robust digital learning ecosystem.

Beyond its educational services, New Oriental is engaged in the development and publication of educational materials for language training and test preparation. The company operates a vast network comprising 107 schools, 637 learning centers, and nine bookstores, supplemented by its comprehensive online learning platforms. Continuously evolving to meet the evolving educational landscape, New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. remains committed to providing quality education and fostering academic excellence among students in China and beyond.

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