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Versus Systems Inc. operates a business-to-business software platform specializing in interactive engagement solutions across North America. The company’s flagship product, eXtreme Engagement Online, is designed to enhance user interaction by integrating real-time prizing and rewards into various media experiences. This platform is utilized by a diverse range of clients, including live event producers, professional sports franchises, video game publishers, and other creators of interactive content, to offer users incentives for completing in-game challenges and participating in live events.

eXtreme Engagement Online enables its clients to boost audience engagement and monetization by offering dynamic prizing mechanisms that reward users based on their interactions and achievements within the content. The platform supports a wide range of engagement tools, which help clients increase user retention, enhance the user experience, and drive greater participation across different types of media, including sports, gaming, and live events.

Versus Systems Inc. markets its platform and services primarily through a direct sales approach, working closely with clients to tailor solutions that meet their specific engagement and monetization needs. This business model allows the company to build strong, collaborative relationships with its clients and offer customized solutions that drive meaningful outcomes.

Founded and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Versus Systems Inc. is at the forefront of leveraging technology to transform user engagement in interactive media. The company’s innovative platform continues to evolve, providing cutting-edge tools that facilitate deeper connections between content creators and their audiences, while also generating new revenue streams and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

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