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DSCO - Discovery Laboratories, Inc.

Discovery Laboratories, Inc. logo Discovery Laboratories, Inc. (DSCO) was a biotechnology company that focused on developing and commercializing novel respiratory therapies for patients with critical care conditions. The company was founded in 1992 and was headquartered in Warrington, Pennsylvania.

Discovery Laboratories' product portfolio included a range of respiratory therapies, including surfactant replacement therapies and aerosol delivery systems. Its solutions were designed to improve respiratory function and support the critical care needs of patients in the neonatal and adult populations.

In 2014, Discovery Laboratories merged with Windtree Therapeutics, Inc., another biotechnology company based in New Jersey, USA. The merger was aimed at creating a stronger, more diversified biopharmaceutical company with a focus on respiratory care.

As a result of the merger, Discovery Laboratories, Inc. is no longer a publicly traded company. However, its legacy continues through its contributions to the development of respiratory therapies, and through the many patients who have benefited from its solutions over the years. The merger also provided Discovery Laboratories shareholders with the opportunity to participate in the growth of Windtree Therapeutics as a leading provider of respiratory care solutions serving patients worldwide.




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