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DGAS - Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc.

Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. logo Delta Natural Gas Company, Inc. (DGAS) is a natural gas distribution company that provides natural gas services to customers in central and southeastern Kentucky. The company was founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Winchester, Kentucky. Delta Natural Gas Company's stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Delta Natural Gas Company provides natural gas distribution services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in its service area. The company operates a network of pipelines and distribution systems that deliver natural gas to its customers. Delta Natural Gas Company's service area covers approximately 23 counties in central and southeastern Kentucky, and the company serves more than 38,000 customers.

Delta Natural Gas Company has a solid track record of financial performance and has consistently delivered strong earnings and cash flows. As of February 25, 2023, the company's stock has a market capitalization of approximately $201 million.

Delta Natural Gas Company has a strong commitment to safety, reliability, and customer service. The company has invested heavily in upgrading its infrastructure and implementing advanced metering technologies to improve efficiency and service quality.

As with any investment in a regulated utility company, there are some risks associated with investing in Delta Natural Gas Company, including regulatory risks and risks related to changes in natural gas prices and supply. However, Delta Natural Gas Company's strong financial performance and commitment to safety and customer service make it an attractive investment opportunity for investors seeking stable, long-term returns.




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