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CRMT - America's CAR-MART Inc.

America's CAR-MART Inc. logo America's CAR-MART Inc. (CRMT) is an automotive retailer that primarily operates in the United States. The company specializes in the sale of used vehicles and provides financing options to its customers. CAR-MART operates a network of approximately 150 dealerships across 12 states.

As of its last market close, CRMT had a market capitalization of approximately $714 million USD. The company had a trailing twelve-month revenue of approximately $720 million USD and a net income of approximately $34 million USD. CRMT's stock price had a 52-week range of $79.87 - $147.80 USD and was trading at approximately $139.70 USD at the time of its last market close.

America's CAR-MART is focused on providing affordable and high-quality used vehicles to its customers and enhancing its customer experience through the use of technology and data analytics. The company is also committed to expanding its business through the opening of new dealerships and the acquisition of new businesses.

Investing in CRMT carries risks, including risks associated with changes in economic conditions and consumer preferences, as well as risks associated with changes in the availability and cost of financing. Additionally, America's CAR-MART is subject to regulatory and legal risks, including risks associated with compliance with consumer protection and data privacy regulations. Investors should carefully consider these risks before making any investment decisions.


Stock Sector: Specialty Retail: Auto Dealerships


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