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CHXF - WisdomTree China Dividend Ex

WisdomTree China Dividend Ex logo CHXF is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) managed by WisdomTree that seeks to provide exposure to high-yielding Chinese companies with sustainable dividends. The fund tracks the WisdomTree China ex-State-Owned Enterprises Index, which is comprised of dividend-paying Chinese companies that are not owned or controlled by the Chinese government.

As of September 2021, CHXF has over 180 holdings, with the top 10 holdings accounting for about 27% of the portfolio. The fund has a relatively low expense ratio of 0.32% and is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Investing in CHXF can be a way for investors to gain exposure to the Chinese market while also focusing on companies that are financially stable and have a history of paying dividends. However, it's important to note that investing in China comes with risks, such as political and economic instability, government intervention, and currency fluctuations. Additionally, investing in ETFs like CHXF means that investors are exposed to the performance of the entire portfolio rather than just individual




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