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BTCR - Volt Crypto Industry Revolution and Tech ETF

Volt Crypto Industry Revolution and Tech ETF logoThe BTCR ETF, also known as the Volt Crypto Industry Revolution and Tech ETF, is an actively managed fund that invests primarily in companies involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. The fund seeks to provide exposure to companies that are positioned to benefit from the growth of blockchain technology and the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The fund invests in a variety of companies, including those involved in cryptocurrency mining, hardware and software development, financial services, and infrastructure. Examples of holdings in the fund include cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, blockchain infrastructure provider Riot Blockchain, and mining hardware manufacturer Canaan.

The actively managed nature of the fund allows the portfolio managers to adjust holdings as the industry evolves and new opportunities arise. This can include exposure to emerging technologies and trends in the blockchain space, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It's worth noting that investing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries can be volatile and speculative, as these technologies are still in the early stages of development and adoption. Therefore, the BTCR ETF may not be suitable for all investors and should be thoroughly researched before investing.




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