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Blackrock Science and Technology Trust II (BSTZ) is a closed-end management investment company. The fund's investment objective is to provide total return through a combination of capital appreciation and current income.

BSTZ invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of equity securities of science and technology companies that provide exposure to the tech sector in developed markets. The fund may also invest in equity securities of companies that are not science or technology companies, and may invest up to 20% of its assets in securities of non-U.S. issuers, including emerging market issuers.

As a closed-end fund, BSTZ issues a fixed number of shares that trade on an exchange like a stock. The share price can trade at a premium or discount to the net asset value (NAV) of the underlying holdings, depending on market demand and supply.

Investors should carefully consider the fund's investment objective, risks, charges, and expenses before investing. Some of the risks associated with investing in BSTZ include the potential for the value of the fund's portfolio securities to decline, the possibility that the fund's investments may be concentrated in a particular industry or sector, and the risk that the fund's investments may be impacted by changes in global economic conditions, among others.


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