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AmeriServ Financial, Inc. operates as the bank holding company for AmeriServ Financial Bank, providing a comprehensive range of consumer, mortgage, and commercial financial products. The company offers retail banking services that include demand, savings, and time deposits, checking and money market accounts, secured and unsecured consumer loans, and mortgage loans. Additional services include safe deposit boxes, holiday club accounts, and money orders, catering to the diverse needs of individual customers.

On the commercial side, AmeriServ Financial delivers a variety of lending, depository, and related financial services. These encompass commercial real estate mortgage loans, short and medium-term loans, revolving credit arrangements, lines of credit, inventory and accounts receivable financing, real estate-construction loans, business savings accounts, certificates of deposit, wire transfers, night depository, and lock box services. These offerings are designed to support the financial needs of commercial, industrial, financial, and governmental clients.

AmeriServ Financial also provides an array of trust and financial services. Personal trust services include portfolio investment management, estate planning and administration, custodial services, and pre-need trusts. For institutions, the company offers 401(k) plans, defined benefit and defined contribution employee benefit plans, individual retirement accounts, and union collective investment funds. Financial services include the sale of mutual funds, annuities, and insurance products, along with underwriting as a reinsurer of credit life and disability insurance. Headquartered in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, AmeriServ Financial operates through 17 banking locations across Pennsylvania and Maryland, and maintains 18 automated teller machines to serve its customers efficiently.

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