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WIBC - Wilshire Bancorp, Inc.

Wilshire Bancorp, Inc. logo Wilshire Bancorp, Inc. (WIBC) is a bank holding company that provides banking and financial services to individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses in the United States. The company operates through its subsidiary, Wilshire Bank, which offers a range of commercial and retail banking services, including deposits, loans, and wealth management.

As of February 2023, the market capitalization of WIBC is approximately $190 million. The company has a strong focus on serving the Asian-American community and has expanded its reach through mergers and acquisitions, including the acquisition of BankAsiana in 2014.

WIBC has a solid track record of financial performance and has been recognized for its strong corporate governance practices. However, like any investment in the financial sector, investing in WIBC carries certain risks, including exposure to changes in interest rates, credit risk, and regulatory changes that could impact the company's operations. Investors should carefully consider these risks and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.




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