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VZIO - Vizio Holding Corp Cl A

Vizio Holding Corp Cl A logo VIZIO Holding Corp., founded in 2002 and headquartered in Irvine, California, provides a range of smart televisions, sound bars, and related accessories in the United States. The company is known for its innovative products and affordable pricing, catering to a broad consumer base. VIZIO's products are available through various retail and online channels, making them easily accessible to customers.

In adittion to hardware, VIZIO operates Platform+, which includes the SmartCast operating system. SmartCast offers an integrated home entertainment solution, providing an easy-to-use interface that supports popular streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Discovery+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, Peacock, and YouTube TV. The platform also hosts VIZIO's free ad-supported video app, WatchFree, and VIZIO Free channels. SmartCast enhances the viewing experience by supporting third-party voice platforms and enabling second screen viewing.

VIZIO also offers data intelligence and services products through Inscape, which provides valuable insights and analytics. This combination of high-quality hardware and robust software solutions positions VIZIO as a leader in the smart home entertainment industry, continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of consumers.




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